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"Jennifer provided music for our outdoor ceremony. We met with her at her home to review music for the big day. Jennifer was very knowledgeable not only about the music but about the order of the ceremony and all the little details. She kept in contact with us in the weeks leading up to the ceremony and was very timely in her responses if we had any questions. The ceremony music itself was outstanding! All of our guest commented on how beautiful the harp sounded during the ceremony, and what a nice change the harp was from the traditional violins you typically hear during ceremonies. I highly recommend Jennifer!"

Elizabeth and Colin G.
August 23, 2013

"I have had the privilege of "Sharing Love Throughout Chicagoland" for nearly three decades.

Many of those wedding celebrations have been enhanced by the music of Jennifer Keller. Jennifer has a Gift. This giftedness begins with who she is. The blend of her attentiveness, strength, patience, gentleness and professionalism serves as a foundation for positive relationship with each client.
Then she brings a skill set of musical ability that is well trained and focused on excellence. The depth of her ability to know her craft and share it with her clients is beautiful. And this continues in the process of shaping a Celebration of Love for their wedding. Jennifer brings the compliment of technological understanding to the Art of her music. It works, and she works hard to create a musical space that allows me and all of the participants to work in harmony.

Jennifer's commitment to being present and prepared  serves as the basis to look forward to working with her whenever possible."

Rev. Jim Rehnberg, Founder and CEO

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.  Plato


Live Music for your Event

Live music immediately marks any event as special, creating a sophisticated elegance and warmth where recorded music cannot.  I agree that there are lots of recordings of wonderful performances and music, but even the best recordings don't capture the feel of a live performance.  Live music is about more than just the music - it's about hearing and seeing a real person, with all their skill and experience, playing right there in front of you.  Jennifer Keller Harpist

In the hands of a professional, the harp is a remarkably versatile instrument.  Although it is a particularly exceptional choice for intimate gatherings, it is equally suited to casual Sunday brunches and black-tie formals. Click here to see a List of Events.

Many people are concerned that the harp will not be heard at their event.  I do own an amplification system for that I use for larger parties/venues.  Because of the additional equipment, I do need a little more space and I need to be placed close to an electrical outlet.  In some venues, it is even possible to put the harp on a riser, adding to the overall presentation.

The equipment that I use was specifically chosen for its quality and power. Its main purpose is amplification, but the volume is never increased to the point of being so loud that conversation becomes difficult.  Remember, the purpose of music at events like these is to set a mood and create ambience, and that generally doesn't happen when the volume levels require your guests to converse by shouting at each other. I get many compliments from my clients and their guests not only on the beautiful, sparkling sound of the harp, but also on how pleasant it was to not have their conversations overwhelmed by loud music.

Bookings of one to four hours are available, but three hours is usually sufficient to cover cocktails and dinner. 

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• Brunch
• Luncheons
• Afternoon Tea
• Cocktail Hour
• Dinners
• Bridal Showers
• Baby Showers
• Wedding Receptions
• Client Receptions
• Grand Openings
• Open Houses
• Wine Tastings
• Art Exhibits
Funerals/Memorial Services
Holiday Events
• Anniversary Parties
• Birthday Parties

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For many events, I play standards and popular music.  Many people are surprised that these types of songs can be played on the harp, but I assure you that they can and they sound wonderful.   However, this does not mean that every song will work for the harp, and I do not add a song to my repertoire until I have an arrangement that shows the best of both the song and the instrument.  Other types of music, such as classical and Celtic, are available upon request.  You can also request different types of music during the course of an event, such as standards during the cocktail hour and classical during dinner, or vice versa.

Holiday repertoire is used at events that take place between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day unless another type is requested. 

To hear examples of my repertoire, please visit the Music page.

For information about Funerals and/or Memorial Services, click here.

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A Note About Holiday Events

Events in this category take place on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

If you are planning an event for one of these dates, their adjoining weekend, or at any time during the month of December, I would strongly suggest that you book your musicians as soon as possible. All of these dates are very popular, and many are booked as far as a year in advance.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Planning any event can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, but a sense of grief and loss can make this process even more difficult.  Music can be a tremendous source of consolation, and harpists have been providing comfort to the grieving for many centuries. Music Trio

Music is appropriate during the visitation/wake and also for the service itself, regardless of whether it takes place at a funeral home or church.  I use a combination of melodies that were chosen specifically for their simple beauty and grace, creating a sound that is gentle and calm without becoming heavy or somber.  Hymns can also be included or omitted, and I make every effort to accommodate any special requests made by the family and as permitted by the liturgy. 

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